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Communications Training Officer (CTO) 06.03.2024 (0739-04)

DATE: June 3-6, 2024
LOCATION: Goldendale Fire Department, 225 West Court St in Goldendale WA 98620

**VERY IMPORTANT: Once the user is enrolled, THEY need to login to their account to finish the registration process. If they do not finish the registration process, they will not receive the course information or be considered as registered for the class. REGISTRATION MUST BE COMPLETE 5 DAYS PRIOR THAN THE COURSE START DATE OR THE STUDENT WILL BE UNENROLLED**

4 days/32 hours
This class is ideal for those tasked with training, supervisory and leadership positions within their PSAP. Some of the topics covered include the roles, competencies and characteristics of the CTO, explanation of two effective training program models (Reno and San Jose), the Adult Learner (Knowles Adult Learning Principals, Blooms Taxonomy, Maslow’s Hierarchy) learning intake, effective feedback, grounded brain-based teaching, Performance Standards, evaluating for performance, Learning Domains, Delivery Methods, Liability, Evaluation and Documentation.

Course Length: 32 hours CEU Credits: 32 Course Date: 06/03/2024 Course Location: Goldendale, WA Registration Close D...: 05/29/2024

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